Breathe Energy wins NHS Foundation Trust Contract

Breathe Energy has announced a new Energy Performance Contract (EPC) win to deliver energy savings to the East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust estate. 

The programme of works under the agreed EPC will be fully financed, with the energy savings then being used to repay the loan. Breathe Energy has commenced the initial stage energy audit of the estate which is due to complete in July. 

The proposed EPC stands at a £8.6m investment, estimated cumulative savings of £24.2m over 15 years, and with a projected 17% CO₂ reduction per annum. Under this proposal, there are two areas of activity. 

The first phase is an advance programme over the next two years focused on achieving approximately £230,000 of energy savings per calendar year. The second phase is a comprehensive energy reductions programme built around the future estate plans, with projected energy savings of approximately £750,000 per annum.

This EPC has been procured by East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust under the Essentia framework that supports public sector clients to deliver large-scale cost and carbon savings with guaranteed returns on investment.

Keith Bourn, Assistant Director of Strategic Estates, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust said: "East Kent Hospitals is delighted to be working with Breathe Energy to bring forward significant energy saving investments in the Trust's estate. The investment will greatly enhance the Trust's ability to reduce its CO₂ emissions and energy consumption whilst replacing aging plant with state of the art equipment for the long term."

Gary Parke, Managing Director, Breathe Energy said: "Breathe Energy looks forward to working with East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust to support health and social care in east Kent." 

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