CES Enhance Demand Response Services

Customized Energy Solutions (CES) has announced that it has acquired Powerit Solutions, an advanced demand management company that helps energy businesses reduce energy costs and meet corporate sustainability goals. With this acquisition, CES enhances its demand response services for suppliers, aggregators and engineering customers by integrating one of the industry’s most sophisticated load control systems into a new offering called CES|PowerGREEN.
Traditional power provision follows a take it or leave it approach with consumers either using power and paying the price according to a utility rate or avoiding using energy altogether. Demand response changes this dynamic by providing access to wholesale markets and rates, enabling consumers to use and pay for power in a way that respects their operational constraints while limiting the cost. By acquiring Powerit and its Spara Demand Management technology, CES augments its existing services with the ability to see individual energy loads on customer systems and control them according to their operational constraints and value.
“Our market knowledge and rapidly expanding global presence coupled with the addition of one of the most advanced real-time load control systems firmly puts CES at the forefront of power consumption optimisation,” explained Jed Trott, Director, Demand Side Response, CES. “We look forward to engaging Powerit’s customers and building a path forward for them with CES|PowerGREEN.”
Chris Buck, VP Operations at Donsco, North  America’s leading single source provider of machined iron castings and existing Powerit customer, said, "Donsco has operated with an integrated CES demand response service in our PowerIt Spara software for over 6 years.  The PowerIt control software has become a vital component of our plant operations and energy savings across the entire business enterprise. " 
CES’ current portfolio of services includes emergency demand response, economic demand response, ancillary service demand response and Coincident Peak Management. The company provides these services through a combination of automatic demand response and through direct support. Powerit technology will be integrated into these existing services to provide enhanced visibility into individual loads on a customer’s system such as fans, compressors, furnaces. In addition to engaging with existing CES and Powerit customers, CES plans to extend its customer base by building relationships with new suppliers, aggregators and engineering companies who are looking to build a more consultative service for their own customers.

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