SGS United Kingdom Ltd is launching workshops to help ESOS compliant companies understand the benefits of moving from ESOS energy assessments to ISO 50001 certification; the only compliance route providing a framework to continually improve energy performance.
Introduced by the government to improve energy performance and meet EU legislation, ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme) specifies that businesses with more than 250 employees, €50 million or more in annual turnover and/or a balance sheet exceeding €43 million must undertake an ESOS energy assessment every four years.
Terry Coyle, ISO 50001 Product Manager for SGS said: “Companies needed to comply with ESOS by the end of 2015, but organisations that chose the ESOS assessment route will still need to undertake energy assessments for each future four year phase of ESOS. Accredited certification to ISO 50001 on the other hand, is built into the organisations practises and processes which requires ongoing maintenance by the organisation and monitoring by the certification body, but provided 100% of the energy use is covered by ISO 50001, they are then exempt from future ESOS energy assessments and there is no need to appoint a lead assessor to oversee future compliance.”
SGS have analysed the voluntary questions in the notifications of compliance data released by the Environment Agency (EA); the results of which show a trend that those organisations who complied with ESOS using ISO 50001 energy management systems certification have stronger senior management buy-in for energy saving benchmarks and targets with 54% confirming senior management have discussed the results of their ESOS assessment through ISO 50001, compared to 33% who complied through ESOS assessments. With this senior management buy-in, 97% of the organisations who have complied through ISO 50001 have stated they will act on energy saving measures highlighted through ISO 50001 compared to those organisations who used alternative routes to compliance, which sits at just 11%. This is a vivid confirmation of the benefits of embedding energy management into an organisation’s management practises and processes through the implementation of ISO 50001.
The half day workshops offered by the SGS Academy will examine the differences between ESOS energy audits and ISO 50001 – the international standard for energy management systems (EnMS). The workshops will provide participants with an understanding of how to implement ISO 50001 and use their ESOS audit as a foundation to build an EnMS.
Participants who complete the training offered by SGS will learn about how to integrate energy consumption and energy efficiencies gleaned from ESOS assessments into ISO 50001 energy management system. They will also receive a complementary Energy Health Check tool to help them develop an EnMS.

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