Excalibur Supply EC fans to Universities

Excalibur Energy has taken delivery of several fans which are being installed into a major London University, the largest being 22 kW /710mm. 

The company continues to offer the retrofit of EC Fans to chillers, condenser, dry coolers, fan coils/evaporators and AHU’s.

Super premium efficient IE4 EC motors offer unrivalled efficiency, especially at reduced speed.  Unlike AC motors, speed control is built into each motor, allowing performance to be fully optimised, which means lower running costs and life-time costs.

The Energy-related Products Directive (ErP) has pushed manufacturers to look at overall efficiency and takes into account the entire fan, consisting of control electronics, motor and impeller, and defines the minimum efficiency requirements for fans.

The range of fans and EC motor size is constantly changing with centrifugal fans available from 250mm to 900mm and motor sizes up to 45 kW.

Removing old belt drive AHU Fans and replacing them with the latest design direct drive EC Fan makes perfect sense, improving efficiency, increasing plant life and removing a single point of failure.

In some cases we are replacing one very large fan with multiple small fans operating in parallel.

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